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What People Are Saying

Excerpts from client emails

“Everything looks good. Thanks again for the help. You’ve always been outstanding with us”

-Brian Lavers, Principal Mechanical Engineer, Sivret Engineering Inc

“I opened the .rcs files and they look much better than what the previous laser scanning provider had sent us. Thanks again for all the trouble and effort you went to. I also had a quick look through the Cintoo model, I agree, this is awesome.”

-Brent Cothill, Drawing Office Manager, Paterson & Cooke Canada Inc

“Great Job end to end”

-Iulian Radu, Project Manager, Certhia Projects EPCM

“The scan data allowed me to estimate beam sizes accurately and pull together a 3D general arrangement drawing a lot faster than using site hand sketches would have.  I think it’s also beneficial in remote locations – the last thing you want is to miss some information while you are on site.


I was able to get all plans, the helicopter pad framing, and a full building section which I simply modeled over with Revit components.


With the scan data, it would take about a week or less to model and get the plans cleaned up. Without it, we would need about 2 weeks and the end result would be less accurate.”

-Scott Wright, Structural Technologist, J.L. Richards & Associates Limited

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