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The life of an Engineering Consultant can be very rewarding, as you help your clients solve complex problems and bring innovative ideas to life.

But let's face it, you've got one of the toughest jobs out there. You're constantly under high pressure to deliver quality work despite often having to deal with tight deadlines, insufficient budgets, lack of resources and inadequate project information.

In order to have any chance at success, you need efficiency and good communication 

This isn't as easy as it sounds


of a knowledge worker's day is wasted on searching for information



of executives said that working in silos is one of their main challenges 



of AEC projects go over budget



of project failure is due to poor communication


You also need to start projects with quality information 

The first step is usually going through as-builts

But can they be trusted?

"Contractors who provide quality as-constructed records are in the minority."

CM eJournal:

As-built Problems &

Proposed Solutions

"When as-built or record drawings are found, they are of widely varying levels of quality, completeness, and reliability."

ES Engineering Systems:

Are Your As-built Markups

Appropriately Marked-up?

"30% of data is lost during an average construction project leaving as-builts incomplete."


6 Next Level Strategies

to Improve As-builts

Not being able to trust as-builts, you often need to visit the site to verify their accuracy and collect missing information. But the tools at your disposal are inadequate to convey proper site context and are prone to human error.

measuring tape_edited.png
Inexperienced Worker

Other factors that contribute to human error


Being rushed



Competency / lack of experience

So, how do we improve efficiency, communication, and the information we work with?

We modernize the way we collect, share, and work with site information, leveraging the best tools technology has to offer.

light bulb on black

These tools are 3D Laser Scanning and Digital Collaboration

Finish projects faster.

Produce higher quality work.

Impress your clients.


Can improve productivity by up to



Can reduce time spent on site by up to



Can reduce design time by up to



Can reduce document search time by up to


In highly competitive markets, those who stay complacent fall behind

Find out how we can help

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