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Enter the third dimension

Turn your laser scan data into 3D models and bring your design to the next level

Using 3D models for renovations and retrofits leads to less errors, rework, and costs.  


Save Money

  • Reduce errors by working with accurate information

  • Reduce costly rework

  • Reduce chances of litigation

  • Get better cost estimates


Save Time

  • Spend less time on site

  • Visualize the job site quicker

  • No need to fumble around with 2D drawings

  • Use 3D viewers to share site information via web browser

  • Easily create 2D floor plans and elevation drawings from 3D models


What you get

3SIXTYEDGE has partnered with Get-Tech Innovative Solutions to bring you CanBIM Certified 3D modelers, ensuring the highest level of quality. We offer Architectural, Structural, Electrical and Mechanical as-built modeling from laser scan data.  Unlike other firms, our modelers are discipline specific experts such as Engineers and Architects which ensures the final product will be correct. 

Autodesk Revit is currently the most popular 3D modeling product in Canada but we can also provide you with AutoCad,  AutoCAD Plant 3D, Navisworks, and Bently Microstation deliverables. 


Piping and cable tray




What you need to know

Not all projects require the same amount of detail. Since there isn't any national standards in Canada, most firms have adopted the American Institute of Architects (AIA) standards. These standards help define the level of detail or level of development (LOD) as it is more widely known, needed for a particular stage in a project. And to no surprise, the higher the LOD, the higher the cost. 

The AIA divided the LOD into six different categories: 

LOD100 - Conceptual Design

LOD200 - General Modeling with schematic design

LOD300 - Accurate modeling and detailed design

LOD350 - Greater detail and construction documentation

LOD400 - Fabrication and assembly

LOD500 - As-built models

Since our modeling services only involve creating models from point cloud and can only include things that the scanner can capture, we only offer our services at LOD200 and LOD300. 


LOD100, LOD350, LOD400, and LOD500 are only used in design work. The LOD system didn't have point cloud modeling in mind when it was created but it is the only standard used by modeling professionals. 


LOD100 is meant for the conceptual design process and since what we're modeling already exists, makes this LOD irrelevant. LOD350 is used mostly to incorporate internal connections and how different items interact with each other. LOD400 is reserved for fabrication purposes and must include shop drawings and again, since we're dealing with existing information, there is no reason to use this LOD. LOD500 is used a lot for renderings and included after the project is complete and must include information such as OEM manuals. 

Our most popular one is LOD300 and is represented in the above examples. You can also choose to combine different LOD's if some areas or equipment require more detail then others. This is a good way to get the detail you want where you need it and save money by not having too much detail where you don't need it.  The following are examples of the modeling services we offer. 







A general model where elements are modeled with approximate shapes and no detail.

LOD 200







A more accurate model where elements are modeled with approximate shapes and a bit of detail.

LOD 300







An accurate model with accurate shapes and extra detail.

LOD 350

You're only 4 steps away from getting the most accurate site information possible



Fill our form

A form will pop up once you click on the "GET A QUOTE" button. This form is a step by step guide to help you provide all necessary information for an accurate quote. The form even allows you to upload floor plans and photos. 



Recieve Quote

We will send you a quote via email.



Field and office Work

Once we receive a purchase order, we will proceed with the laser scanning and 3D modeling work. 




We will send you a link to a shared folder where you will be able to download all laser scanning and 3D model files.

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